Operation Sunscreen

Together we can make a difference... My name is Karen Irwin and I am the wife of BG (ret.) David Irwin. As the wife of an Army National Guard officer, I have attended many deployment ceremonies, which left me feeling helpless. I wanted to find a way to let our deployed Soldiers and Airmen know that they were remembered and appreciated. I didn’t begin this project to become an official non-profit. I was just a Soldier’s wife trying to make a difference. In the summer of 2007, I made a commitment that each one of our 1,053 deployed Missouri Guard Soldier would receive at least one care package during their deployment. I didn’t know where the money would come from or how I was going to make this happen. I knew in my heart that people in our community wanted to do something, they just needed an idea. I provided that vehicle: For $25 I would do the shopping, packaging and shipping. I was amazed at the generosity and support that has allowed us to send 8,600+ care packages since we began in 2007.

Operation Sunscreen’s 2016 goal is to send 2,678 Holiday Care Packages that contain toiletries, snacks and letters of appreciation to our deployed National Guard Soldiers and Airmen in Kuwait. Would you be willing to help?

I thought you might enjoy reading a note that I received from CPT, MP John C. Pfanstiel, Commanding.

“It means the world for soldiers to receive care packages from home. No matter when they arrive, care packages always come at the best time. When we are deployed and away from family and friends, doing a job that at times seems thankless, it is always nice to know that there are still people and organizations in the states that appreciate what we do. We appreciate what you have done and want to say thank you. Regardless of the mission, location of deployment, or challenges and threats faced, it is awesome to know that there are Americans out there that remember us and go to great lengths to show their support. After my last deployment to Iraq in 2008-2009, I too became involved in sending care packages to “any service member” because I knew how much they were appreciated by the service members who received them. You are truly great Americans to support men and woman you may have never met while they are far away from home serving their country. Saying thank you is not enough but I wanted to let you know that you are appreciated by the soldiers of my unit. Again, thank you, from the men and women of the 175th Military Police Battalion, Missouri National Guard. God Bless You and have a very Merry Christmas.”

Interesting Facts:

  • Operation Sunscreen has sent 8,771 care packages from 2007-2015.
  • Operation Sunscreen works with elementary schools to hold a Veterans Day Dress Down Day for the Troops. The school children bring in snacks and write cards/letters that are included in the care packages. This year we have 17 schools participating!
  • The care packages are customized for our male and female Soldiers.
  • Our goal is to send 2,678 care packages and Christmas decorations to our National Guard ‘Citizen Soldiers” deployed in Kuwait this holiday season.
  • Operation Sunscreen – Care Packages for the Troops Foundation just received our IRS tax-exempt designation!


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