Operation Civilian Support Conference

“Troops don’t come home to government programs; they come home to their families, neighbors and communities. Communities must step up to embrace troops and veterans, particularly once their battle buddies are no longer by their side. They need new battle buddies, but this time from their communities—people who can assist them in transitioning their skills, knowledge and attributes into civilian life and organizations. Government programs can’t do it alone, but independent organizations working together at a community level can.”

Army Col. David Sutherland, Special Assistant to the Joint Chiefs of Staff for Warrior and Family Support

Operation Civilian Support "Post-Conference”

On May 11th, we hosted a conference at Washington University – St. Louis that brought the four critical elements of our process together into one room: Military/Veterans, Civilians/Mentors, Service/Resource Groups and Companies/Institutions/Start-Ups. We believe that if you want to hit your target, it is best to aim for the “Center Mass”, the four elements noted above are the four essential quadrants of our process. Each of those quadrants will be needed for us to accomplish our mission and hit our target.

Please take a moment to learn about Operation Civilian Support by watching the videos from our conference throughout the website. We want you to experience the conference as if you were there. Once you have an understanding of who we are, consider joining the OCS Joint Task Force and help us accomplish our mission and take out our target.

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