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What is “Selfie With A Soldier?”

“SELFIE WITH A SOLDIER” is an awareness campaign. Its goal is to help American citizens show our gratitude and be of service to current members of our armed forces and veterans alike. The “Selfie With A Soldier” program was developed to also help educate the 99% of Americans who don’t serve in uniform about the importance of our military and how best we can all support every branch, as well as those who have previously served. It was also designed to help us thank the people who have signed up to protect the rights and freedoms of us all.

Although the campaign overall is called “Selfie With A Soldier”, we realize our U.S. Armed Forces are made up of the Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, National Guard and Reserves, as well as the Army. Because the idea was first born after taking a selfie with a soldier, that is how the campaign got its name. However we want to be clear that all service men and women are included in this campaign and are encouraged to become part of it. So whether it happens to actually be a selfie with a Soldier, Marine, Airmen, Sailor or Guardsmen – we want every service member to feel welcome and supported and to know this campaign is in honor of all of you.

Our Story

Approximately a year or so ago, two of our founders, Gary Baker and Charlie Cartwright were sitting in an airport on their way back from a conference. They noticed a couple of kids taking a selfie with a famous athlete who walked by. Thus, a conversation began about why people take selfies?

The two decided that selfies are basically a way for individuals to showcase the places they’ve been, the people they’ve shared experiences with and sometimes, when lucky, capture the excitement of coming face to face with a celebrity.

Immediately following this discussion, two men in military uniforms walked down the terminal towards Gary and Charlie. Charlie said, “you know, the real celebrities in this world are our soldiers. People should be focused on taking a photo with them. They should take a “Selfie With A Solider”.

The two laughed for a moment and then realized that very statement could be the foundation of a fun and personal way for all Americans to support our men and women in uniform. But they weren’t sure if it would work, so they decided to test the theory. As they boarded the plane, they asked one of the soldiers if he would mind taking a photo with them. He said sure, and thus, the first official “Selfie With A Soldier” came to be.

What followed in the months later was some important discussions with key leaders in all of the branches of the military about the best ways for this idea to bring honor and service to our service members.

A launch team was formed to get website and social media projects up and running.

And now, with your help, it’s time to launch the "SELFIE WITH A SOLDIER" campaign to bring awareness about the incredible work the 1% of our population does to keep the the other 99% safe and secure while protecting their rights and privileges.

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